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At Honeywell, safety is in our DNA. Every single day, hundreds of millions of people work in hazardous environments, and rely on their safety equipment to get them home every night. For over a century, Honeywell has been protecting workers with our head-to-toe safety offerings, rooted in our industry experience and relentless drive to innovate. Today, our safety solutions protect the future of 500 million workers. In this future, safety solutions adapt to changing needs and environments. They increase productivity and efficiency, instead of getting in the way. And above all, they don’t stop working until the last worker clocks out and gets home safely. Honeywell is committed to our relentless pursuit of innovation, adapting quickly and challenging the status quo. Because we recognize that we’re not just protecting a worker, we’re protecting a life. Industrial hearing loss continues to prove to be a difficult and persistent adversary. We are excited to show you how together we can prevent hearing loss.

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New Antimicrobial-Protected Dispenser for Earplugs,


VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution

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