Webinar: NHCA Virtual Ignite Session & Round Tables

What to expect during the 2-hour virtual session
In between Pre-Conference Round Tables, we will feature Ignite presentations from NHCA Annual Sponsors!

Round Tables: 

  • Ototoxicants and Noise, Dr. Colleen Le Prell
  • Hearing Conservation in the Military, COL Amy Blank and Col (ret) John Allen
  • Hearing Conservation and Musicians, Dr. Frank Wartinger

Hear exciting updates about new products and services being offered by our NHCA Sponsors. NHCA sponsors are leaders in the industry, and you are given this opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look at who they are and what’s new within their company! Each sponsor will have a few minutes to showcase their products and tell us what’s coming for NHCA conference.

Course Details

NHCA Virtual Ignite Session & Round Tables02:00:00
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