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For more than half a decade, SHOEBOX has been leading an evolution in occupational hearing testing.

We were the first to make it possible - and valid - to conduct testing outside of a sound booth or mobile clinic. Our test equipment is centrally configured to help ensure that local test examiners follow OSHA guidelines and protocols. Any attempt to skip a step will block the test from proceeding

We digitize the process of managing program member data. And we offer access to a nationwide network of licensed audiologists who specialize in occupational health reviews.

We've helped hundreds of companies, small and large, find efficiencies, save cost, and improve compliance. And we've shown them how to adopt flexible testing schedules to help improve the experience for their program members.

SHOEBOX for Occupational Hearing Testing is suited for companies who manage their program in-house, and service providers who offer hearing testing as a service.

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Products & Services

- SHOEBOX PureTest : Improves accuracy by eliminating any deviations in the testing process

- SHOEBOX for Hearing Conservation : Portable test equipment. Web-based data management. Plus optional services. Everything you need to meet your OSHA requirements for occupational hearing testing.

- SHOEBOX Data Management: Cloud-based portal to archive, view, manage and analyze hearing health data.

- Audiological Services : Paired with our audiological testing equipment and web-based data management, these services complete our solution for occupational hearing testing. Whether you test your employees in-house or offer hearing testing for your clients, these services will give you greater confidence that compliance requirements are being met.


- CAOHC Instructor License Program: Upgrade the audiometers used in your course training with industry-leading technology

- SHOEBOX for Occupational Hearing Testing : A Comprehensive solution to manage and administer a modern hearing testing program

- PureTest : Simple, Safe, Compliant & Cost-effective. 

- Audiological Review : Whether you test your employees in-house or offer hearing testing for your clients, these services will give you greater confidence that compliance requirements are being met.

- Data Management : Paperless Patient, Employee, and Client Data Management

- Customer Success : Businesses and clinics around the world rely on SHOEBOX as their trusted partner in hearing care.


Customer Roundtable

This forum-based roundtable discussion has brought together people from different industries with varying experiences and viewpoints.

Find out what SHOEBOX customers had to say about boothless hearing testing

A Guide to Establishing an OSHA-Compliant Occupational Hearing Testing Program : Learn everything you need to know about establishing an OSHA-Compliant Occupational Hearing Testing Program in this 60 page eBook

Case Studies



- Product Demo Webinar: SHOEBOX PureTest : In this era of heightened employee health and safety measures, occupational hearing testing programs present many new challenges. Advancements in portable test equipment and paperless data management are modernizing how programs are delivered, with an emphasis on maintaining a physical distance between the test examiner and employees. SHOEBOX Audiometry helps businesses and service providers meet their OSHA compliance requirements with accuracy and efficiency.

- Playing Catch-up: Getting Your Hearing Testing Program Back to Compliant : SHOEBOX Product Manager, Kate Mosley shares some thoughts on what is emerging in the occupational hearing conservation market since the onset of COVID-19.

Press Releases
- Press Release: SHOEBOX PureTest  

- Press Release: Audiology Review Network


SHOEBOX Case Studies 

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