NHCA Town Hall Webinar - 2020-2023 Goals and Objectives

Every three years, NHCA leadership participates in a strategic planning process to establish goals that align with our mission and vision and will have the greatest impact for the organization.  

This town hall webinar announced NHCA’s 2020-2023 goals and objectives, as well as solicited feedback from you. 

This year, a primary goal is to increase member benefits and membership value.

Another goal focuses on governance. Given the challenges caused by COVID-19 and the continuing uncertainty, we are proposing the extension of the Executive Council terms for an additional year. That would mean that most, if not all, of the Executive Council members would remain in their position for an additional year. A vote would be required from NHCA membership to approve this change. 

Click here to view the strategic planning report. This webinar is FREE and open to all.

Course Details

NHCA Town Hall Webinar00:45:00
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